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Published: 02nd November 2012
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Looking for biotechnology jobs? Here is some help for you! You can browse online for various jobs related to biotechnology. You can create your resume and post them on popular job portals to grab the best opportunity in this field. Once you have a degree in biotechnology, look for internships and trainings that can make you apt for the right job at right time. You can include such internship experience in your resume to move a step ahead in getting a job right after completion of your college. An advanced degree also plays a key role in increasing your chances of fetching the most sought after biotechnology jobs.

Scope and prospects of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is seen as a field of biology and research with the help modern technologies. This field of study involves the contribution of experts in inventing new medicines and drugs for remedy of complex diseases and for medicine companies, products or processes, using the principles of biological science.Today there is increasing demand for biotech engineers, biological scientists and lab technicians in the field of biotechnology, owing to the emerging medical advancements.Biotechnology graduates can easily find jobs with numerous opportunities in universities, in food processing or manufacturing firms, in pharmaceutical industry and as well as in mushrooming private research institutions.If you have a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology, you can easily get good openings in different pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.As fresh graduate, you can also start your career as lab technician for preparing clinical trials, recording data, laboratory experiments and supervising testing processes in pathology labs.You can also assist medical scientists in preparation of research reports.

A bachelor or post graduate degree can help

Those having post graduate or doctoral degrees in this realm can start their career as a research laboratory scientist. Biotechnology and its sub fields have wide scope for those who are having bachelor or masters degree and they have a secure career ahead. As a scientist, you can look for research in different areas of biotech studies, such as-

Agricultural studiesBiological manufacturingIndustrial technologyFood science, among others.

Specializations in such areas will help you in narrowing down your search for the best and suitable job for you. Also government is profusely funding such researches now.

Be a Medical scientist or Biotech engineer

One of the exciting and lucrative biotechnology jobs is working as a medical scientist. Here you can work with reputed medical institutes and pharmaceutical organization. As a medical scientist you will get to study the characteristics and features of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses and the results aid in the formulation of new pharmaceuticals and drugs. In addition the career prospects of biotech engineers are equally exciting.

Biotechnology jobs in India

Demand for biotechnology job in India is increasing and biotechnology is finding a strong foothold and growth in the country. Scope of biotechnology can be seen in genetic engineering, stem cell techniques, plant-based drugs, tissue culture, photosynthetic efficiency, gene therapy and more.

So why panic after attaining a B Tech degree in biotechnology? You are sure to get the best biotechnology jobs in market today. Just ensure that you take degree from a reputed institute that provides best training facilities, or else you might be among those who blame themselves for the lost path. Several colleges and universities offer biotechnology courses and programs. If you are looking for a prosperous future, enroll yourself in such educational programs and get specialization. You can also browse online for renowned universities and medical institutes that offer programs and courses on biotechnology

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